About Senioragency New Zealand

We are the first advertising and marketing agency in NZ totally dedicated to baby boomers and people 50+.

Senioragency New Zealand is part of a global network represented in 10 countries around the world.

We have specialist international knowledge and resources spanning 16 years in this sector.

Jéan-Paul Treguer, the founder of the Senioragency network, is the world-renowned expert in this area. He is the David Ogilvy of marketing and advertising to baby boomers and people 50+!

Baby boomers and seniors are very experienced, savvy and rational consumers.

It's about strategy, message, tone and making a connection. It's not perceived as a sexy market but the dollar returns make it sexy - we understand what they want and how to reach them.

Our Services include:

  • Strategy, generational marketing and campaign design
  • Age research and strategic insights
  • Campaign creative
  • Age design - brochures, POS and website
  • Media strategy
  • Infobrand ads and TV specialisation
  • Public relations

We are a full service advertising agency focused on developing competitive advantage for our clients and their brands. In many cases we create a competitive point of difference and extract incremental brand growth from a power demographic that is often ignored by many marketers.