Who Are Boomers?

They are the generation born from 1946 to 1964.

Everyone thinks they are a niche market.

There are nearly a million people in NZ who are Baby Boomers representing 27% of NZ's total population.

Boomers are the most influential generation ever!

Not only because of their sheer numbers and wealth but because they have changed everything they have touched. They are young at heart and this will translate into changing market dynamics, social behaviour and of course brand purchases! They have always challenged the status quo.

Add the increasing influence of women as a power consumer and we have a major convergence of 2 trends - Boomer women.

Fact: Women 40+ account for nearly 80% of all consumer household purchases.

NZ's most powerful consumer resides within this demographic.


She is influential at 4 levels - peers and spouse, parents, children and grandchildren. She is representative of NZ's most powerful consumer group who are taking more control of their lives. This translates into a major marketing opportunity for a large number of categories - from FMCG products to financial services, from over the counter health products to charities.

Population projection for people aged 65+

Population projection